You Die First

Project Description

The town of South Boulder was a place of peace and tranquility. It was home Sherriff Hiram Carson and the kind community. On one faithful night The Chavez Bandits, a famous gang of bandits, stormed the town. The bandits caused mayhem in saloons, inns, and shops before taking control of the town. During the turmoil, Hiram’s good friend and deputy was shot and his wife was kidnapped. Now Hiram must avenge his Deputy’s death and get his wife back to safety. Duck and shoot your way through the dusty town, freeing hostages and tracking down Hiram’s wife. Take vengeance with the Peacemaker pistol, Yellowboy rifle, and an ability to stop time and mark targets before open firing on them in quick succession.

Project Details

Genre: Third Person Shooter

Render: 3D OpenGL

Code: C++