Taming the snake: Learning Python and putting it to use

For the duration of my programming life I’ve been working with C, C++, and C#. If you ask anyone in the programming space you’ll see a lot of articles about how they know a multi-verse of languages and how they won’t even consider anyone a true programmer unless they have 25 different languages under their belt. So I figure that I venture down that trail and start with Python.

Going on an adventure with Python

I started taking some online classes from codecademy to see what this is all about. What I’ve noticed off the bat is that I’m still in my C-style ways of semi-colons and tab styles that would cause scripts to break. I have an old project that was setup in C#, but seeing as I have moved on to a Linux machine for work I figured I try working in a language that is a bit more cross-platform friendly right out of the box (maybe I’ll revisit having a C# application on Linux when Microsoft releases .NET Core Final Alpha Beta Release Candidate). I’m going to start porting over various scripts to my git hub as the bits and pieces come through. Hopefully the next update will arrive before the end of the 3rd quarter.

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