A New Adventure Begins

Many of you may be surprised to see a new posting on this site after a huge hiatus. You may be asking yourself some of the following:

  • Is the site now under new management
  • Is this another promise of trying to do something only to get nothing in the end
  • Will there ever be any useful topics on here worthy of my time

These are all valid questions to ask and if you’re here, you either stumbled upon this site looking for programming topics from a search engine or were subscribed to this blog from long ago… in a galaxy far far away (sorry I couldn’t resist). If you’re still with me and willing to learn why I’ve decided to attempt this for the thousandth time, feel free to continue. If you are looking for some new and exciting content, I’m going to try small and say that I’ll attempt something new each month.

What does all of this mean then

The past 2 years have been a rough obstacle course between unfortunate circumstances in my personal life, huge life changes, and meeting with esteemed individuals in the software development field (friends and family included). The above took a huge toll on me personally adding stress and causing some health issues to arise a little too early in my life. All this came to me coming to terms with me needing to reevaluate what it is that I need to do with my life. And it all started with me leaving my previous job.

Come again? You did what?!

It had to be done. Yes that job is currently the only thing I know at the moment, but I can’t let that be the case. I’ve nearly worked myself to death constantly pushing myself and always worrying about how the last release went, or how the next day will come and go. I need a break from it and that lifestyle honestly.

So what’s next in that case?

Honestly, at this very moment, I’m not entirely sure. I’m going to take a small break and recharge. Maybe go out on a drive, meet-up with some friends of old, or try my luck at programming again to see if I can find some joy in it like I used to. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to comment. Willing to give something new a try at this time. Until next time.

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